Saturday, 10 November 2012

What if... Japanese folklore creatures were walking the streets of today

I have been living in Tokyo for almost 4 years now, doing freelance art from my super secret bunker. For the last years, I experienced a very powerful earthquake, and dozens more smaller ones, lived in the fear of radiations from the nuclear plant meltdown in Fukushima, still witness growing political tension with China over some islands, etc, etc. One time, a city alarm even warned us that they had found an unexploded bomb from WW2 near my house (this happens often as Tokyo was repeatedly bombed by Americans during WW2 and lots of unexploded shells lie here and there in the ground).

The Japanese people is one that endures since they first set foot on these unforgiving islands. They have a long history and a pretty rich folklore featuring amazing, creepy, and sometimes, ridiculous characters and creatures. These folk tales are called Mukashibanashi ( lit. Stories from Old Times ) and are an endless source of inspiration.

This is my interpretation of a modern day Kappa that would creep in the alleyways of Tokyo.

kappa, japanese folklore

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Ashy said...

What an amazing piece. You are stunningly talented my friend. :) This one inspired me a little bit: - Enjoy - I credited you fully, of course. :D