Thursday, 8 November 2012

RPG character sketches. Yes, I am a big nerd !

I started playing tabletop RPG when I was 15. And I always was the DM. I played Warhammer Fantasy RPG, Cyberpunk, Shadowrun, AD&D 2nd edition and Stormbringer. This allowed me to create my own stories (I was too poor to buy expansion books) and kept me drawing the monsters, treasures and environments that populated the world I put the players in.

Lately, I started a campaign with an old friend of mine and I decided to make some quick portraits of the characters of his story.

Eric Belisle

This is the player character. Edmund Delaney. He is a handy man with no relatives wandering a land that just emerged from a devastating plague. He got his scar fighting a Mine Demon.

To thank him for his help, a craftsman made a beautiful mask for Edmund. My inspiration comes from the magnificient masks of the Venice Carnival

This is a Klakarim. Klakarims are savage invaders from the north that are motivated by the desire to make their race rise.

This is a victim of the plague.

Lucky Jack is Edmund's companion. He is a gambler with a propensity to find any excuse to challenge anybody into duels. Yeah, he's a j3rk... But he's the kind of j3rk you want on your team.

This is Edmund's friend : Marion. She is the daughter of the innkeeper, at which establishment Ed lodges. She took care of Emund's during his remission after the fight with the Mine Demon.

This is the damn Mine Demon.

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