Monday, 19 November 2012

What if... creepy ghosts were hiding in your washroom

The Akaname is a terrifying creature that licks the grime and filth in dirty washrooms and bathrooms.

I remember when a friend of mine used to live in a dorm room in an old building, full of cockroaches in the summer and cold in the winter, with shared toilets and showers. The residents were seemingly avoiding each other in the corridor, probably listening at the door to make sure nobody was there before coming out. Very cheerful ambiance.

Supposedly, one room had been the theater of a suicide and nobody wanted to rent it anymore. According to my friend from Hong Kong, the ghosts of the dead are always roaming around water points : sinks, toilet, etc. Let me tell you that, even as rational as I try to be, when the imagination kicked in, it was a real challenge to go take a piss...

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rok krow said...

Good concept of Akaname.